Root Canal Treatment ​

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment (RCT) is also known as Endodontic treatment is a procedure done when the tooth decay reaches the pulp(innermost layer of the tooth)causing inflammation. It is necessary to save the damaged tooth from extraction. The procedure involves:

  • Removal of inflamed or infected tooth material.
  • Cleaning and disinfection.
  • Filling and sealing with an inert material.
  • Restoration and crown/cap.

It is a multi-step procedure and may require multiple sitting also single sitting.

Why does one need to undergo root canal treatment?

  • It stops the infection from spreading and will then save the tooth from extraction.
  • RCT relieves the pain caused due to inflammation.


  • Toothache(common)
  • Sensitivity
  • Swelling in the gums.
  • Cracked tooth


Step1:  (Access Opening)

A cavity is prepared in the crown making sure that all the infected tooth material is removed and a proper approach to the inner part of tooth (pulp) is established.

Step 2: (Shaping and Cleaning)

This is followed by shaping and cleaning of pulp canal (disinfection of canal). Canal is completely shaped and cleaned.

Step3: (Restoration of tooth)

Canals are filled with the filling material known as gutta –percha. The tooth is covered with the help of new crown /cap.

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